Using a decision matrix, a person or group can objectively choose among a set of options and pick the one that meets their needs based on important factors. There are a variety of methods, but they tend to fall into two main categories: weighted and unweighted. Learn how to identify which type of decision matrix you should use, how to create one, and download free templates.

A decision matrix is a tool designed to help you choose the best option or course of action from a group based on key criteria. Decision matrices are used to resolve multi-criteria decision analysis MCDA. A decision matrix can have many names, including a grid analysis or opportunity analysis for the processcriteria rating form, decision grid, or problem selection matrix for the tool itself. There are a number of variations, but the two main categories are weighted and unweighted.

An unweighted decision matrix assumes that all factors have the same value. In a weighted decision matrix, each factor is given a numerical weight: the more important the factor, the higher the number. Weighting factors is a critical step because multiplication is involved, and a higher number will give crucial factors a greater weight hence the name.

Place the options in a grid to analyze them based on selected criteria. By applying a little math, the best decision will rise to the top — thereby taking the guesswork out of decision making.

A decision matrix may not identify the perfect solution, but it will identify the best solution based on the available options. After researching the purveyors in your area, you can use that information to decide key criteria.

To create an unweighted decision matrix, simply place the options and criteria into a spreadsheet which will look something like this :. The next step is to pick a scale. Rank the factors for each option. When ranking, assign a number to each option.

So, if low cost is preferable, the company with the lowest prices should get the highest ranking number. If a high on-time delivery percentage is an important factor, then the company with the highest percentage number in this category should get the higher ranking. Based on the rankings listed above, Meat Me in St. Louis is the top choice, since it has the highest total. After some thought, rank the importance of each criteria. To get the weighted results, the weighted total column cells at the far right of the chart contain a formula that multiplies the weight and the score.

Use the same research and scale used in the unweighted example above to assign a value to each category. In this example, Meat Meat Meat! Depending on what you want to decide, there are a variety of methods that can help you make the best choice for your business. Learn more about the different types of decision matrices and then download the corresponding templates to get started. An unweighted decision matrix is especially helpful when all criteria carry equal weight. Use this space provided in this Excel template to list the options you want to evaluate.

Then list the individual categories and score each in the corresponding cell. Use a weighted decision matrix when evaluating criteria that carry different weights this is part of the Kepner Tregoe method explained in detail below. There are many scenarios where this type of decision matrix is useful, such as deciding to look for a new job or choosing between multiple offers, picking design options for a product or app, and considering tools for engineering a new system or process.

While the Pugh matrix is part of the multi-step Six Sigma process, it may be of use to some as a standalone tool. Excel Word PDF. Named after the 34th U. Eisenhower, this method provides a framework for deciding which action items to approach first.

That layout divides the box into four segments, titled Do and Decide in the top row and Delegate and Delete in the bottom. Simply list the tasks on your list in the section that makes the most sense.

Decision matrices can be used in many disciplines, from design to engineering, and can also be a useful tool for making personal decisions.It is based on years of experience from practicing Public and Project Procurement and takes into consideration bid evaluation procedures and practices applicable under several Public and Project Procurement legal and regulatory frameworks.

Bid evaluation is the organized process of examining and comparing bids to select the best offer in an effort to acquire goods, works and services necessary to achieve the goals of an organization. The best offer recommended as a result of bid evaluation is referred to as the lowest responsive evaluated bid.

It may also be called the most economically advantageous tender MEAT. Bid evaluation is the responsibility of a body known as the Bid Evaluation Panel.

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How this panel is called depends on the organization. Synonymous terms are quotation review panel, bid review board or tender review committee, to name a few.

Most procurement Legal and Regulatory Frameworks require it to be an ad-hoc body with at least three members knowledgeable in Procurement, with technical expertise in the specific item being procured and a representative of the user entity. Prior to evaluation of bids, the evaluation criteria are predefined and included in the bidding documents. The bid evaluation panel evaluates bids based on the predefined criteria only and recommends award to the lowest responsive evaluated bid.

Newbies to Public Procurement are usually confused when it comes to the difference between lowest responsive evaluated bid and lowest priced bid. A lowest responsive evaluated bid, as the phrase suggests, is a bid that has been examined and determined to be responsive to formal qualification requirements, evaluated in detail, found to be compliant with pre-defined evaluation criteria, and found to have the lowest price after price evaluation and comparison. On the other hand, the lowest priced bid is the bid with the lowest price read-out at the public bid opening event without being evaluated.

Therefore, the bid recommended for contract award may not necessarily be the bid with the lowest read-out price. Evaluation criteria are the standards against which bids are evaluated.

Generally, evaluation criteria can be categorized into three categories including i mandatory criteria, ii weighted criteria and iii weighted criteria with mandatory elements UNDP, They are usually used in evaluation for goods procurement, but may also be used for the procurement of services and infrastructure works. The mandatory criteria are the first criteria against which bids are evaluated in order to eliminate bids that do not conform to these requirements UNDP, Weighted criteria are criteria which can be measured in terms of degree of responsiveness.

The scale used to measure the degree of responsiveness depends on the procurement method and category of procurement. Usually this applies to the evaluation of services. Weighted criteria with mandatory elements are criteria that have mandatory minimum requirements defined and are measured above that minimum requirement UNDP, ; for example, a requirement may be set for a consultant to be fluent in at least two international languages and a rated score may be assigned for persons with additional international language capabilities, if the additional language adds value to the requirement.

xls boq bid comparison evaluative commitee report

United Nations Development Program Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement Level 3.Last Updated: June 12, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 64, times.

Learn more A Bill of Quantities BoQ lists the total materials required to complete the architect's design for a construction project, such as a house or other structure.

The BoQ enables you to get quotes for the project that are as accurate as possible. BoQs are typically prepared by a quantity surveyor or civil engineer who has expertise at estimating the materials required for a project.

La gestione di un evento estremo come processo dinamico di

However, even if you don't prepare the BoQ yourself, it's still worth knowing what a BoQ should look like so you can evaluate the quality of the finished product. A Bill of Quantities is a list of the total materials required to complete a construction project. Create a spreadsheet for your bill of quantities with columns for the item numbers, descriptions, units of measurement, quantities, rates for each item, labor, and total cost. Add 15 to 20 percent to the cost of materials to account for waste.

Then, separate your items into categories like flooring, plumbing, and electrical. Ask a contractor for an estimate, then factor in an extra 30 to 40 percent for things like bad weather and materials not arriving on time.

Double wide mobile home plumbing diagram

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How to Evaluate Responses to a Project Request for Proposal

Set up a spreadsheet for your bill of quantities. Include columns for the item numbers, description, unit of measurement, quantity, rate for the item, labor, and total cost for the item. Your item numbers will be consecutive, starting from 1. Restart the item numbers for each section or category of the build.

You typically won't have any values in those columns while you're drafting your BoQ. Prepare a list of materials you'll need to complete the project.Project "RFPs" Request for Proposals are most effectively prepared using pre-defined standards that provide content guidelines, along with established viability criteria to facilitate evaluation and promote informed decision making.

That's the simplest way to get things done and to meet all defined objectives. The key is consistency and built-in flexibility. Read on for more. To achieve all the intended benefits, RFP standards must extend beyond the planning and production steps to the types of guidelines and criteria to be used to evaluate the responses received.

RFP preparation is only half the battle — to define requirements and solicit related proposals.

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To reach required goals, you must also be prepared to properly and fairly evaluate the responses received. Learn to Fast Track. When it comes to managing, you need more than one approach to be consistently successful.

The way you manage when surrounding conditions are good, is not the way you manage when time is running short, resources are stretched thin and people aren't working together. That's what fast tracking is for - and we can teach you how it's done.

Learn More. In order to receive the highest quality responses, every RFP should be standardized to incorporate the following five 5 content components:. Once RFP responses are received, each response must be reviewed and evaluated to determine the selected proposal.

Using a pre-defined "scoring system", each element of the RFP can then be ranked according to the "degree" to which requirements and priorities are met. To meet these goals, RFP evaluation standards are organized into three 3 actionable components: criteria, degree and priority. How will RFP's be evaluated? Using a standardized scoring system, "points"can be assigned to each criteria component according to the degree extent to which the proposed solution meets stated requirements.

This is illustrated below:. The third element of the scoring system is the "priority ranking". In the course of the RFP process, bidders will be asked to respond to multiple requirements.

The degree to which each requirement can be met will vary, even within a single proposal. On the other hand, since some requirements will carry more weight than others, wiggle room may exist. Priority rankings will help you to put requirements in perspective, helping you to identify the points at which compromise is possible. For exampleThis new price comparison template can be used for comparing office supplies from multiple vendors or grocery prices at your favorite stores.

I created this based on a request from a user who wanted to list prices and item IDs for up to five vendors and then filter the list to create a shopping list. This spreadsheet contains two different cost comparison worksheets.

xls boq bid comparison evaluative commitee report

The main difference is that one of them lets you include product IDs unique to each vendor. You can create a shopping list by filtering the table to display only the items where the quantity is greater than zero.

Summary of Bid Evaluation Reports

Vendors and stores may offer packages with different weights or quantities. For a more accurate cost comparison, you may want to list the Unit Price. Then, the quantity for Costco would be entered as multiples of 25 and the quantity for WalMart would be entered as multiples of 5. The List column in the price comparison table contains a formula that checks whether the sum of the quantity Qty amounts is greater than zero.

If it is, the formula returns an "x". You can use the AutoFilter feature in Excel to hide all the rows except for the rows where the List column includes an "x" - just click on the Arrow in the header of the List column and unselect everything but the "x" option. This is extremely easy to do. The price comparison worksheet uses the Excel Table feature previously called a "List" in older versions of Excel.

You will need to be fairly comfortable with Excel to make the modifications necessary to add more vendors. You can start by inserting new columns, renaming the table headers, copying the formats for the columns from other columns, updating the List formula to include the new Qty column, and updating the inputs and formulas below the table. Price Comparison Resources PriceGrabber. Other good ones are Yahoo! Shopping large number of retailers listed and NexTag.

They specialize in testing vehicles, appliances, electronics, tools, and other consumer products. If you want to be a well-informed consumer, the subscription is well worth it.

xls boq bid comparison evaluative commitee report

Grocery Price Book Template. Sponsored Listings.If you have ever attended an auction before, then the term bidding should be clear to you, since an auction is where a person bids for the right to own the object being auctioned. The exact value is completely dependent on the current value being placed by another of the attendee of the auction, and a bid can rise to a greater value, depending on the wants of the attendee.

Whenever an auction occurs it is common knowledge to evaluate the attendees ahead of time using an evaluation form, as well as interviewing the attendees. One example would be in terms of buying rights for construction over a certain area. Conducting a bid evaluation for, say a contract, is a simple, yet informative task that would often lead to the decision of allowing a person entrance to the auction, or to prevent the person from entering the auction area.

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It begins with:. A bid evaluation is a type of evaluation that is used prior to the bidding as a means of selecting only the bidders with the most potential in bidding. This will often be used to filter out the people who are allowed to bid on specific objects, materials or rights. Evaluation is an important part of any process, since it is the means of improving on a certain idea or concept simply by analyzing their performance. A bid evaluation is used by auctioneers simply because of the benefits it can bring to the auctioneer.

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